The Story of The Lemonade Diet


The Lemonade diet also known as the Lemon Detox Diet, was The Lemon Detox Diet
invented in the 1940’s by naturopath Stanley Burroughs. The
Lemonade Diet was used to clear the body of harmful toxins. It restores health while the body takes a break from the constant loads of digestion.

The simple detox drink involves mixing a concoction of water, natural tree syrup, lemons and cayenne pepper. The detox drink is easily assimilated into the blood stream and is one of the reasons why the Lemonade Diet works so well.


You basically replace solid foods with the detox mix and drink it for 5-10 days. You can eat on the program if you wish but it will undermine the effectiveness of the detox.

The average weight loss on the program is 3-7kg in 10 days.


There was one concern with this diet. The diet used only maple syrup in the mix. It became known that maple syrup did not fully support the cleansing process. Such a great way to cleanse your body that it was just lacking that nourishment that the body needed.

Stanley Burroughs along with several doctors found that they needed to supersede the original syrup used in the mix. Five years later and through thousands of tests a special syrup was developed to counter the low nourishment levels on the program.

The new syrup named ‘Madal Bal’ was formulated to supply the body with higher levels of minerals and nutrients on the program. Indeed it surpassed the original maple syrup in providing the missing link.

Madal Bal syrup is used in the Lemon Detox Diet. The Lemon Detox Diet is by far the most superior detox program today that uses natural tree syrup. I recommend that if you want to reap the maximum benefits of the Lemonade Diet then use the Lemon Detox Diet. It stands out amongst the rest.

What is the difference if you use normal syrup?

Click here to view how to make the detox drink

What you can expect from the Lemon Detox Diet
Tania Zaetta with the Lemon Detox Diet
· Burn excess weight naturally 3-7kg in 10 days
· Detoxify your lymphatic system
· Sleep better
· Relief of constipation
· Increased energy levels
· Stronger nails and shinier hair
· Clearer skin and eyes
· Greater resistance to illness
· Greater sense of inner peace
· Improved concentration and clarity

There is a also a great book out named The Lemon Detox Diet book. The book details all you need to know regarding the Lemon Detox Diet and detoxing in general.

You can buy it in all good book stores or on the Lemon Detox Diet website –

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